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Video Seminars for Paralegals and Legal Assistants


Paralegal and Litigation Support Teams
Program Length: 1 hour 8 minutes -
DVD $20.00 --View Sample hand

Barbara Bennett, Emily Ewald of Dickinson Wright, Rebecca Opapari, Julie Weitzman of Plunkett Cooney,  Vanessa Lozzi and Christi Redmond of Butzel Long  make up this team of paralegal and litigation professionals who discuss issues about managing litigation projects. The panel also fields questions from the audience and offers suggestions to solve problems that are common to many litigation specialists in this industry.

The Corporate Litigation Support Perspective
Program Length: 33 minutes - DVD $20.00 --View Sample hand

Christina Seekell of Consumers Energy, and Cindy Macbean of General Motors Corporation each talk about the corporate perspective of litigation support, how it differs from the work performed for law firms, and how it is similar. Are their ways of managing data different from that of law firms? What processes are in place for managing data, can these processes be defended, and what role does technology play for the litigation support specialist in the corporate setting?

E-Discovery in Michigan
Program Length: 49 minutes - DVD $20.00 --View Sample hand

Attorney Angela Bufford of Butzel Long gives us a brief review on the issues of e-discovery, Michigan rules regarding ESI, The Sedona Principles, case law and Federal.

Ethics in E-Discovery
Program Length: 49 minutes - DVD $20.00 --View Sample hand

In the legal setting, there is a lot more to ethics than doing the right thing. Doug Kaminski of Oce Business Solutions interacts with audience in a question and answer setting to discuss the legal ramifications of ethics with regards to ESI, and e-discovery. The discussion includes the Federal Rules, case law, opinions, and even the penalties! The paralegal and the litigation support specialist both can help the attorney regarding these issues.

“The Wave of the Future”
Program Length: 44 minutes - DVD $20.00 --View Sample hand

Electronic Data Resources Management (EDRM); so much information, it can be really overwhelming. How do you control it, keep costs down, and produce the most relevant ESI that works? Is “concept searching” a better way to go than “keyword searches?” Doug Kaminsky, of OSE, and Denise Baccomino Bach of XACT DATA Discovery, discuss the ramifications of FRE 502, and how it impacts the electronic discovery process. Suzanne Alfasten of Kelly Law Registry talks about the human resources aspect of discovery, including some of the ways to decrease spending, and increase efficiency.
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