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Phone: 248.634.8686
PO Box 383 - Holly, MI 48442

Dunbar Media Group (DMG) is a company that produces complete video &
multimedia presentations from the beginning of an idea to the final edit master.

William Dunbar, Ph.D. is the founder of Dunbar Media Group.
Olha Dunbar, MBA business manager.
We have a great team of freelance professionals available to us.
They are all very highly skilled, and they bring a richness
and quality to our production company.

Since1984, DMG has produced videos for corporations and individuals alike.
Our work has been viewed nationally and abroad on every video format available.

At Dunbar Media Group we deliver the entire multimedia product
from “A to Z”. We are able to develop your pre-production, and
post-production package including duplication, artwork, (any amount).

Beginning with a basic concept for your product, or service, DMG can take you to
the actual presentation on video. computer animation packages.
Need a fresh new idea for presenting your company?

DMG can work with you to get the attention of your target audience.
We’re able to write the entire presentation and present
it to you on paper before it is produced on video.
(Procedures may vary depending on your specific needs.)


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