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Is Your Legal Videographer
a Professional?

Surveillance Videos &
Metadata Files

Order Videos for
the Legal Professional

With over 34 years of experience, we have an extensive background in
the multimedia industry and offer such a vast array of services, we ask that you to
call our office and request information regarding your specific needs.

Legal Support Services

Olha Dunbar, MBA/MKT

Marketing and Research
Project Management and Production Development

William A. Dunbar, Ph.D.
*Certified Legal Videographer * Notary Public - State of Michigan

Olivia Dunbar
Legal Videographer

Depositions on DVD and Digital Media
Trial Support Presentation Software
Settlement Documentaries
Day-In-The-Life Documentaries
Will & Estate Ceremonies
Insurance Videography

DVD, Digital Media and CD-ROM Duplication

State-of-the art Professional Digital Video Cameras with Full Support Gear.
Time/Date Stamp.
Nonlinear Computer Editing. Computer Animation.
Video Projection and Trial Presentation Equipment.

View Settlement Documentary Sample Video

Legal Settlement Documentary
(Teen Ranch)

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